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Our amenities are designed to cater to every need of mind, body, and spirit. Upon completion, the club house will include a restaurant and bar, a spa and wellness center, Japanese Onsen, swimming pool, a complete gym, tennis courts, stables, a business center, a conference room, a heliport, and wireless Internet.

Seasonal Amenities

During the summer months Sugar Loaf will offer special seasonal services. El Alquimista Restaurant & Bar will feature a changing menu of fresh fish, locally grown Angus beef, and a superb selection of Uruguayan and Argentine wines, as well as, a special menu for spa guests and health minded residents.

Piriápolis is known for its mystical powers. The rocks in the area have a special energy found in a selected few special places in the world. Until now the property of Sugar Loaf was a closely guarded secret of local mystics for its concentration of positive energy points. Believers and non-believers alike can enjoy a soothing massage, aroma therapy, meditation, or yoga, in our Spa & Wellness Center.


Sugar Loaf will be equipped with first class infrastructure. Utilities will be underground and practically invisible. The drinking water will come from a deep well that taps into one of the largest aquifers in South America, and will be crystal clear straight out of the faucet. The streets will be natural gravel. Individual septic units that were specially designed for the property to be environmentally friendly will be installed in every home.


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