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Investing in Uruguay Shows Excellent Growth Potential

The attitude of investors today is cautions, but they are discovering that investing in Uruguay has one of the best returns right now. You can own a wonderful vacation spot, second home, or investment for far less than similar properties in the US.  Uruguay has pristine beaches, sub-tropical climate, modern infrastructure, and a mixture of culture that is proud of its historical roots as well as modern amenities. Outlying farmland is spacious and provides most of the country’s agricultural needs.

Uruguay Encourages Foreign Investing with Favorable Laws

Unlike other Latin American countries that require citizenship and residency before purchasing property, Uruguay allows property to be purchased easily through real estate agencies and without the requirement of having lawyers.  Sales documents are bilingual and are typical of contracts made in the United States. The tax laws do not penalize foreign investors.

Uruguay’s wise government fiscal management avoided the global recession of this decade.  One of the ways this was achieved was through very little lending done on mortgages.  Banks require one-half or more down and interest rates are about 9%.  Therefore, many investors acquire their financing through foreign banks.  Uruguay’s economy has stabilized and is growing with GDP at 10.9% in 2008.


Uruguay has a Good Social Structure

With a 97% literacy rate, Uruguay has good distribution of wealth among its citizens.  The crime rate is low and cities and suburbs are relatively safe.  In 2009, unemployment was at a record low of 7.2%.  Health care is offered through public and private hospitals, and insurance premiums are low.

Property Continues to Develop

A large commercial project of stores and offices in Canelones is 70% financed by foreign banks.  Punta Del Este is still the fastest growing resort community with US $100 million being invested in a hotel and villa complex.  Other cities that are taking advantage of foreign money for development are Piriápolis and Colonia.  Yet the prices of land and developed property remain low and definitely affordable.

Popular Resort Destinations Show Best Financial Return

Around the world, prime beachfront property is always at a premium.  Uruguay, on the other hand, has been overlooked as the jewel that it really is.  Choices of sand and surf, quiet or lively, the beaches of Colonia, Punta Del Este, or Piriápolis have their own unique assets and personalities.  Choose the night life or sun bathing, you will find just the right resort and community to make you feel welcome.  The market shows a good increase as Uruguay puts forth an aggressive promotional campaign, making greater demand than is currently being supplied.

Use Your Property as an Income Investment

As an investment, your condo could be rented for up to $6500 a week and can be a lucrative investment. Or you can join the many expats who have realized that the cost of living in Uruguay allows them to live well on their fixed US pensions.

The governmental and economic stability show favorable indications of being a good investment potential and Uruguay deserves a second look.


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