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Punta Del Este Property is the Fastest Selling Property in Uruguay!

As Uruguay’s prime resort area, Punta Del Este property has maintained its high market status and premier resort locations since the 1930’s.  Its popularity with American and European tourists has grown this fishing village into one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit.

What Brings People to Punta Del Este?

People who are looking for a “different” place to visit and vacation are discovering Uruguay as a destination that can provide a mild, sub-tropical climate, a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, amiable locals, and magnificent beaches.  Most of the newer resorts and condos are right on the beaches or within a short walking distance, and the shoreline is beginning to look like another Ft. Lauderdale with high-rises, shops, restaurants, and bars.

As visitors discover how easy it is to live in Uruguay, they often buy property to own and live in or to rent out when they are not there.  When a condo can be rented out for $6500 a week, the vacation spot becomes a lucrative investment.

Property Values in Punta Del Este are Climbing

Property values continue to climb in Punta, even with the economic downturn of 2008.  You can find a top-of-the-line four bedroom condo on the beach for $440,000. Or if that’s not your style, try a house in a quiet neighborhood for $140,000.  At these prices, you could be making money by renting your investment!


What is the Appeal of Punta Del Este?

Punta Del Este is located on an unusually shaped peninsula with a wide curving bay on one side and open exposure to the Atlantic on the other.  With a varied offering of beaches for swimming, surfing, water sports, and fishing, Punta is a natural choice for visitors who want to play or relax.

The recent popularity and development gives the town a new, fresh and clean look, and offers all the amenities expected in a modern city.  Shopping, restaurants, theaters, galleries, and services are easy to get to by car, bus, and taxis.  Punta also has a hip night life with bars, restaurants, and casinos staying open until the wee hours.

10 Good Reasons for Investing in Punta Del Este Real Estate

- The market has remained stable or has climbed
- You do not need to be a citizen of Uruguay to buy property
- Property is bought and sold in US dollars; contracts are bilingual
- Uruguay has a secure property registration system
- Good choices of city, country, and beach properties

- The government is stable and democratic
- Punta has good road systems, infrastructure, and sewer systems
- Punta has a socially friendly environment, and a good standard of living.
- Good health care facilities are easily found
- Low crime level and safe neighborhoods are commonplace

When you are ready to make an overseas investment, Punta Del Este is a wise location to invest your money in real estate.  Once you come to this beautiful and amazing country, you will want to return again and again.  Investing now will ensure that you have the best market value for your money.


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