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Uruguay property has a distinct advantage over other off-shore investments.  The progressive attitude of the government encourages resort developers to construct large resorts, condominiums, apartments, and housing developments.  These new residential offerings have all the amenities that one would expect in a contemporary development in the United States.

When one thinks of ritzy beachfront resorts in South America, images of Rio de Janero and Buenos Aires are what usually come to mind.  Lesser known are the gorgeous beaches of the country of Uruguay. 

Montevideo Has Ease of Access

Being the capital of the country and having the international airport gives Montevideo resorts and beaches the easiest access for incoming tourists.  The largest city in Uruguay has one-third of the country's 3.5 million people.  The colonial Portuguese architecture blends nicely with new high-rise structures of apartments and offices.  Favorable tax laws in the country are making the city known as Little Switzerland as a tax shelter for businesses.

That's okay if you are going to Uruguay for business, but the real delight in Montevideo is its beaches which stretch along the promenade of Montevideo like Miami. The clean city offers plenty of tourist activities such as museums, theaters, and a hip night life.  It is especially a favorite of the younger generation who seek a place to meet and mingle.



Punta Del Este is the Premier Beach Resort Area

Punta Del Este has more resorts lining the beach than any other place in Uruguay.  The natural peninsula has the rough surf of the Atlantic that is popular with surfers, yet the other side is a wide, curving bay facing the Rio de la Plata. The outstanding beaches and beauty of the area were the reason that the sudden attention was directed to Uruguay as an upscale destination resort area. 

Developers followed their instincts and the shore was lined with new high-rise hotels and apartments with all the supporting shops, restaurants, casinos, and bars of a resort community.  The night life is hot and doesn't start until about 11:00 and goes until sunrise.  But why worry when the day's activities are as strenuous as lying on the beach?

Colonia Del Sacramento is a Restored Portuguese Settlement

Named as an historic site by UNESCO, Colonia's Portuguese roots are found in its narrow, cobbled, winding streets.  The architecture is deliberately modeled after Lisbon and has a delightful charm.  Colonia real estate is priced far less than Punta Del Este's, yet is still close to beaches. Tourists enjoy the arts and crafts, restaurants, and quiet life of Colonia.

Piriápolis Promises to be the Next Big Resort Location in Uruguay

The long stretch of beach draws tourists to the burgeoning city of Piriapolis.  New housing developments, beachside condos, and apartments promise a good selection of dwellings for second homes or time shares.

Uruguay offers a great opportunity to invest in property that will give excellent returns in the future and enjoyment in the present for those who want an exciting getaway.  Invest now in an affordable off-shore real estate market and reap all of the benefits.


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