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One aspect of living in Uruguay that makes it a great second home or retirement destination is the low cost of living. Here you can live very comfortably on a modest budget. Medical insurance costs about $150 per month. You can hire a gardener to come in twice a week for $120. A full-time maid costs $300 a month. This means you have more time to enjoy the things you love to do… Take up a new hobby or skill, volunteer in a local charity, learn a new language, or just spend your free hours relaxing on the beach.

With most countries the cost of living is proportionate to the quality of life you can expect, but in Uruguay, there are no compromises—you can golf at one of the top courses, spend a day at a high-end racecourse, dine in top restaurants all for far less than it would cost you in North America or Europe.

A low cost of living combined with great natural foods, parks and facilities for an active life, a secular culture where all religions and spiritual beliefs are accepted, welcoming and easy-going people, and a laid-back lifestyle, all create a happy and healthy life here.


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